Welcome to Armada Mobility

Armada Mobility is specialised in the development, production and installation of street furniture and information display systems for public spaces. The highly innovative products are divided into the following five categories: traveler information systems, shelters for several purposes, bicycle storage systems, railway station wayfinding and station furniture. Armada Mobility creates total solutions especially for the passenger transport market.


Special projects

Armada can solve practically any problem related to mobility and passenger-related facilities. Do you require a special type of system or street furniture? Do you have any particular wishes for your illuminated signs or information display systems? Armada would be glad to help you develop the products you need. We can do this because we have all the required disciplines in house so we can meet strict design, functionality and durability requirements. The construction of aesthetic and functional elements also demands expertise, experience and an integrated approach - the Armada Mobility approach.