Armada Rail is in the early 70s of the last century originated from Electrorail, the former factory overhead of the Dutch Railways. In the 90's, the activities were taken over by Volker Stevin Rail & Traffic. Since then there was competition in all market segments.


After the acquisition, Armada Rail has become a steel company which specializes in various products for the rail infrastructure market, especially overhead structures. Since 2000 Armada Rail is part of the Andus Group (formerly RijnDijk Group) and Armada Rail has been merged since January 1, 2016 by Armada Mobility BV. This brought several changes and upgrades in the company generates:


  • Strong customer focus
  • further specialization and concentration in the rail infrastructure market
  • Restructuring the organization resulting in greater efficiency and improved profitability
  • using the facilities of the Andus Group and its various subsidiaries.
  • by merging Armada Mobility and Armada Rail there's an organization that by joining forces can? respond much better to the needs of the market.