In the past fourty years Armada became a specialist in the railway infrastructure market; products from simple to complex and from large to small. We operate at the top of the market.


Customers as NS, ProRail and the Railinfra contractors belong to our clientele.


Armada is SPC certified for rail-related products such as, components and materials for overhead lines such as traction poles and beams, 1.5/25kV arms, wheel tensioners, signal posts and components for signals, (power supply and relay) cabinets and permanent particle magnets (PVM). Armada also produces special products tailored to customers' wishes. From engineering to assembly on location, Armada manages each phase in the production process from its own (production) facilities.


Armada Rail is able to process 1,500 tonnes of steel a year and its unique combination of specific know-how, experience and craftsmanship forms a major trump card not only in today's railway infrastructure but in tomorrow's as well.