Smart City

Smart City


A Smart City is a city where information technology and IOT (the Internet of Things) are combined in order to monitor and manage the city. Today, cities are increasingly being designed according to Smart City principles, where real-time data is having an efficient impact on how equipment, staff and building management is being deployed.


With the 4G network and, more recently, 5G and LoRa network (a telecom network bandwidth suitable for long-distance, low-power communication between equipment and facility management systems), divergent sensors enable efficient maintenance of equipment, landscaping, fleet management and buildings. Remote monitoring and control, based on real-time data, make unnecessary maintenance and equipment movements a thing of the past.


A Smart City for a smart society. A smart society in which connectivity is now one of the necessities of life.





Type of Smart City products

In our extensive range of products, there is also room for innovative and smart Smart City solutions. Quality and convenience are our priorities. Together with you, we arrive at the best solution for your situation.


See below for an overview of our Smart City solutions:


Advantages of a Smart City product

The target groups for a Smart City product are diverse: from municipalities, provinces and governments to companies, schools, universities and hospitals. Smart City products offer various advantages:


  • Saving and reducing e.g. time, capacity, CO², fuel and traffic
  • Cost reduction
  • Efficiency (remote monitoring of, for example, litter collection)

Our Smart City solutions provide a better service for citizens, resulting in a more pleasant stay in public spaces.






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