Trains speed north with Armada Rail

The delivery of over 5,500 traction poles and cantilever arms for the Betuwe line is already sometime behind us. But, in the meantime, Armada has been anything but idle. The Hanze line will be inaugurated in December 2012. Another important new railway link that Armada has substantially contributed to.


The Hanze line forms a new link between the Randstad and the north of the Netherlands. It will reduce the travel time between Amsterdam and Groningen by approximately twenty minutes. Furthermore, the Hanze line will relieve the Amsterdam - Amersfoort route (the Gooi line). From Lelystad, the brand new track runs through Dronten, Kampen and Hattem and finally ends in Zwolle.


Customised work in the right order

This line is a technical tour de force. The overhead contact system is supported by nearly 2000 cantilever arms, manufactured by Armada in the past 18 months. Each arm is unique and made to a drawing, piece by piece, in precisely the order of installation. In part thanks to these arms, the Hanze line is ready for speeds of up to 200 km/hour and for a 25kV power supply in the future. For the Drontermeer tunnel Armada produced special constructions for the correct suspension of the arms and the tension of the overhead contact system. Finally, the requisite sheet metal and construction work was provided for the signals and railway safety.


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