HOV haltes gemeente Schijndel


Name of project

HOV stops in the Municipality of Schijndel


Location and quantity

Schijndel 8



Municipality of Schijndel



The Municipality of Schijndel wanted a special type of shelter for the fast HOV public transport line. In consultation with the customer, we took a shelter design used in a previous project as our starting point and developed it further. The result is outstanding. A contemporary design of shelter, transparent, sustainable, robust and compatible with its surroundings.


The shelters feature poster display cases with energy-efficient LED lighting, an information panel and suspended benches with wooden seats.


Because our poster display cases are made to a standard size, they can be incorporated in ongoing advertising contracts without modification. The project has now been completed and the first 8 HOV line locations have been equipped with the new shelters.


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HOV haltes gemeente Schijndel
HOV haltes gemeente Schijndel