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Smart Bench mini


By using the power of the sun, Armada Mobility's smart solar benches* provide the perfect place to sit, relax and recharge.

Our solar charging benches, each equipped with environmental sensors, free wifi hotspot and four spots for battery charging of your phone or tablet/lap-top, all come with an area for your (commercial) message, branding, company name and/or logo.

Thanks to innovative digital integration, the smart solar benches can be used for traffic counts, pedestrian or motorized, and collecting other data. Whether you want to indorse activities or events, it's a sustainable way to stand out from the crowd, whilst promoting your company or service thru renewable energy. A win-win situation, don't you think?

Powered by the sun, made by people, for your comfort.

* Armada Mobility is the official distributor for the Smart Bench in the Netherlands.






Type Smart Bench

You have a choice of three types of Smart Benches, each with a unique design.


Smart Bench mini

The Smart Bench mini's compact size was designed with the aim of fitting easily into any location. Imagine this bench in a shopping mall, school campus, hospital or at an office building, where it encourages people to spend more time with your brand, company or service.


  • no maintenance required
  • easy to install in just a few steps
  • attractive and modern design
  • 100% stand-alone solar system
  • the same footprint as an ordinary bench in the park

Smart Bench mini 

Smart Bench 1

This solar-powered Smart Bench is made of a wooden bench and a strip-like steel structure that runs around it, symbolising the infinite flow and transformation of energy from solar to electric.


  • contemporary design that catches the eye of people passing by
  • slightly larger than an ordinary park bench, which can be used for groups of people
  • space for (commercial) messages
  • equipped with a basic set of sensors
  • easy to maintain
  • 100% stand-alone system that works 24/7, in all weather conditions


 Smart Bench 1



Smart Bench 2

This type of solar Smart Bench, with its minimalist design, fits seamlessly into the street scene. It represents the classic form of an advertising pillar with a twist, bringing it into the 21st century.


  • modern look and elegant shape
  • similar footprint as an ordinary park bench with minimal impact on the public space
  • equipped with an advanced set of sensors: Environment (temperature, humidity, air pressure, ambient noise)
    Gas (CO, NO2, O3, SO2, N2S) Particles (particle monitor, respiratory irritants) - (optional)
    Human counter - (optional)
  • standard sizes of illustrations
  • easy to maintain
  • 100% stand-alone system that works 24/7, in all weather conditions
  • easy to install


Smart Bench 2








Wifi-landing page

Create, modify and schedule messages that change over the day, a week or weather conditions. Ads can be made more relevant, engaging and effective.

  • the content on the Wi-Fi landing page is distributed by the context-aware Wi-Fi management platform
  • use the Wi-Fi landing page to smartly promote your brand, company or service and relevant information
  • different (advertising) messages can be published, depending on the various circumstances surrounding each Smart Bench (weather conditions, geolocation, time of day, etc.).


Cloudbased dashboard

A dashboard gives you access to generated and collected data from the Smart Bench.


  • historical and real-time usage statistics of the Smart Bench
  • the parameters of the area surrounding the Smart Bench via built-in environmental sensors
  • customise charts and usage statistics and download them for your business purposes
  • compare data from different Smart Benches over selected time periods
  • tracking the performance of each Smart Bench and maintaining it accordingly


Dashboard Smart Bench




Mobile App

Through the app, you have:


  • access to real-time environmental data
  • the possibility of finding the nearest Smart Bench

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