WasteMate, the smart waste bin on solar energy

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Armada Mobility has been providing reliable solutions for public spaces for many years. The latest addition to our wide range of products and services is the intelligent WasteMate* waste bin. The WasteMate runs on solar power, generated by its own solar panel, which makes it a highly sustainable solution for waste management.

* Armada Mobility is the official distributor of the WasteMate for the Dutch market.




More about the WasteMate waste bin

The WasteMate bin collects in average five times and in an ideal situation up to nine times its original volume of waste before it needs to be emptied. This is made possible by the smart and self-pressing mechanism within the bin. The WasteMate is available in 120, 200 and 240 litres variant. This ensures  an up to 85% more efficient waste collection compared to regular non compacting waste bins. The WasteMate contributes therefore in a well-functioning circular waste management process.


The solar power system of the WasteMate makes it independent of power cables and is therefore very easy to install and remove. The WasteMate thus is truly a 'smart waste bin'.


Finally, the investment in a WasteMate is an investment in a sustainable world by significant reduction of CO² emissions. Good to know that it also substantially reduces your daily running costs, unnecessary traffic and thus contributes directly in improving local air quality. The bin only needs to be emptied when it is completely full. Since the WasteMate is linked to the CleanCityManager® platform, you will receive a notification of this yourself.




Specifications of the intelligent WasteMate waste bin

As mentioned, the WasteMate smart waste bin is available in three different variants. Namely, for a standard 120 litre wheelie bin as well as 200 and 240 litre. The WasteMate can be emptied manually or with a standard comb loader.


Furthermore, the solid construction of the WasteMate is highly resistant to damage and vandalism. For safety reasons, the hopper can also be locked and opened remotely thru the CleanCityManager management system.


The intelligent WasteMate bin is also a suitable solution in order to encourage and facilitate waste separation in public areas. Our duo bin system gives you the possibility of combining several bins, each for the collection of different types of waste.


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A short summery of the most important specifications of the WasteMate:

  • Door and body made of powder-coated steel
  • The optional wheely bin is made of HDPE (Polyethylene)
  • Electric linear press compacts the waste
  • One 12V, 41Ah gel battery for solar energy storage generated by solar panel 
  • 115W system power
  • Compression time of less than 60 sec.
  • 30W solar panel capacity
  • Standard with foot pedal and manual hopper opening, LED filling level indicator, gas-spring valve and opening by RFID-card





Why Armada Mobility?

  • The highest quality
  • Customised solutions
  • Large portfolio
  • Certified for the latest requirements and standards


The CleanCityManager® platform

CleanCityManager® is the web-based subscription platform that allows you to remotely manage the intelligent Wastemate bin.


This platform enables the waste manager to arrange everything according to his wishes. This includes, for example:

  • Check the volume, correct operation and energy system
  • Add or remove additional users and groups
  • Create functional graphs
  • Levels can be adjusted for (almost) full notifications
  • Export reports or files in PDF and Excel
  • To view positions and filling status on floor plans
  • Remotely locking/unlocking the loading flap
  • Create service tickets
  • Upload new software updates
  • CCM system can easily be incorporated in an already existing management system thru an API connection


Questions or interested in a waste bin for the public space?

Would you like more information about the intelligent WasteMate waste bin or do you have a question regarding one of our other products?

Send an e-mail to sales@armadamobility.nl or contact us by phone at 0031 30 – 246 95 00



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WasteMate in action