CO2 reduction

Reducing CO2 emissions is vitally important for controlling climate change, maintaining the quality of life and protecting the environment. Armada takes responsibility for the CO2 emissions resulting from its own and outsourced activities.


Armada stands for the sustainable design, production, delivery and installation of products and systems and the optimal use and recycling of materials.


Carbon footprint analysis

The carbon footprint analysis provides insight into the activities during an entire product life cycle that cause the largest environmental impact. This creates a transparent overview of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the chain.


Armada set a number of new policy spearheads in 2013 to supplement the initiatives started in preceding years. Progress will be monitored via the PDCA cycle and adjustments will be made where necessary.


Policy spearheads

The priorities for reducing CO2 emissions in 2013 included planning practical work more intelligently and savings related to production, heating and lighting. In addition, Armada also looked into the possibilities of reducing emissions at other points in the chain, for example decreasing the amount of energy our systems consume when operated by the end users.


CO2 reduction policy (3C)

Click here to view Armada's CO2 reduction policy.