Insight into our Carbon Footprint

These days, calculating the carbon footprint of business operations, a product, project or process is a common practice and global standards are available for benchmarking purposes. Accurately calculating our carbon footprint is the basis of Armada's strategy for reducing emissions of harmful greenhouse gases and it has become an essential component of the organization's policy framework.


The carbon footprint gives an organization insight into the total emission of greenhouse gases caused by its processes or the products it makes. Armada has used its carbon footprint to set up specific emission reduction targets.


Integrated management system

The CO2 Performance Ladder is part of Armada's integrated management system. Legislative requirements and regulations that are deemed relevant to Armada are also included in the system.



Armada is aware of and takes responsibility for the environmental impact of its activities and products. The company will do everything that can be reasonably expected to prevent material and environmental damage.


More information?

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