Carbon Footprint

Armada is aware of and takes responsibility for the environmental aspects of its activities and products. Armada will do everything that can be reasonably expected to prevent material and environmental damage. Furthermore, Armada will endeavour to reduce its energy consumption by optimising its production processes, using energy-efficient means of production and reducing waste.


Reduction measures in 2013

  • Armada started concentrating and optimising workstations (unused space does not need to be heated or illuminated).
  • Armada has started using increasingly more fuel-efficient vehicles for passenger and goods transport. By improving job planning and working more efficiently, fewer kilometres have to be driven.
  • Air travel is only selected as a means of transport if it is genuinely necessary. Armada also increased its use of video-conferencing facilities.
  • Armada is reducing its energy consumption and waste by paying additional attention to reducing the required amount of raw materials and optimising production processes in the design of its products.
  • Armada focused on and started investigating the impact of its products during their lifespan. Armada strives to optimise the costs for the users of its products. In this respect, Armada takes account of aspects such as maintenance, repair, replacement and the energy consumption of its products and systems throughout their lifespan.



CO2 emissions

Armada Mobility

ScopeCO2 (TON)%
1.1 Gas consumption45,8527,36%
1.2 Fuel fleet65,4139,03%
1.3 Other fuel0,000,00%
Total scope 1111,26 66,38%
2.1 Electricity4,092,44%
2.2 Business travel0,650,38%
Total scope 24,742,83%
3.1 Commuting36,6321,85%
3.2 Waste12,667,56%
3.3 Paper consumption2,281,36%
3.4 Water consumption0,040,02%
Total scope 351,6130,79%
Total scope 1, 2 en 3167,61 



Emission Sources Armada Mobility Armada Mobility: Emission inventory 2013: 167,7 ton CO2